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Original Track

Want to get released on top labels but struggling to get that professional sound ?Do you want to play and release your tracks but you are not quite sure how to get a good mixdown? GhostlyEdm can help you to create your new EDM song or track exactly the way you want and get it released on some of the top EDM labels out there ! Order from us now and let us create a professional track for you and kickstart your career ! We have excellent connections with some of the top labels and help you get your track signed!

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing EDM music and mastering songs is a difficult process in music production. Mixing and Mastering gets your track ready for release , provides your track utmost quality, professional tone , clearness and loudness. Mixing & mastering ensures that your track sounds good on loud speakers , stands out, is ready to be released on top labels and also that it’s radio-friendly. Our audio engineers can mix and master your tracks. We make them sound bigger, fuller, wider and generally more pleasant to listen to. By careful listening, to the track and analyzing the waveforms , we are able to take it to the next level and help you get that first release !.

Midi Creation

Need a good melody ? Run out of ideas and dont know how to make that epic lead you hear from top producers? GhostlyEdm is here to help! For just a small price we can make a top melody for your track that will stand out ! We will provide you with the midi of chords, pads, bass, top melody, arp and pads and even the VST plugins we used for creation. Send us melodies that you like and we will be sure to make a beautiful tune that will get attention from top EDM labels!

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Working process step by step

  • Tell us your idea

    You have to describe the details as much as you can, so that producer is able to analyse it and turn your vision into a great track. Include a reference link to the genre and sounds he should stick to. You can ask producer to make an original track, a remix, melody composing, mixing & mastering or any audio service you need. Let him know the budget you are operating, that will help making you the best offer. Also mention whether you require DAW project file like Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton or Logic X. Once you have a sound or track in mind, click 'Start a project today!' to get started. You’ll then see a form , leave your contact information and we will get back to you ASAP.
    Please let us know your wishes and ideas and give us as much details as you can. Include a reference track so that we will know which genre and style you are looking for.


    Once we have your request we will assign your track to the best producer who works in your specified genre.


    Once our producer has your specifications and we know your budget , it's time to make a deal. You will need to send the producer 10% of payment. The payment shows us that you are serious about working with us. We will refund this 10% payment if you dont like the demo. This makes the working process with us risk-free for you. When advance payment is received the producer will send you a demo within 2-3 buisness days


    When track is 100% paid the producer will work on the approved demo. There is no refund available at this phase. Producer will create we will make numerous versions of the track until you are completely happy with it. After the track is finished we contact several EDM labels about track release , and give them your contact information. You can always give input to the work and provide feedback. Let's make a hit together! :)


    When you feel that the work is done - the producer will send you a package with all the necessary files of your order. This will include any missing VST plugins , sample packs etc... Usually it takes 1-2 days to render a package..

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