Our pricing

Every Music producer deserves a chance

With every project being a custom piece of music with different requirements, it’s impossible to state our fixed prices for all cases. We can however give you an indication of our starting prices.

Our producers use high-class equipment and work in professional recording studios. Our producers are signed with top EDM labels like Armada , Revelead Recordings , Black Hole and many more !!

We love our clients and partners, that’s why we made our deals safe and risk free! We will not charge you until you are satisfied with the quality of your demo.

Why are we different from other companies?
Because our prices are fixed and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and that your track will get signed to an EDM label. We strive to create only the best quality tracks and help our clients get noticed.
We are not wasting our clients money by sending them a track that nobody will hear or know about.
Although we cannot guarantee that your track will be signed to any label of your choice , we do guarantee that we will help you with release and if we fail to get your track signed , we will refund your money fully.

Take a look at our deals and start your project today!

Our prices

  • Original track

  • $400
  • Created from scratch !
  • Mixed & mastered in PRO studio
  • Original & free FLP + missing VST plugins!
  • Release on top labels !
  • Free Music Production Advice !
  • Mixed down at -6db !
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  • Remix / Bootleg

  • $350
  • Ready for Splice or other remix contests
  • Ready to Use
  • Mixed down at -6db
  • Project stems & MIDI files
  • Original & free FLP + missing VST plugins!
  • Promotional Contacts
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  • Collaboration

  • $320
  • Collab with one of our top producers !
  • Free music Advice
  • Mixed down at -6db
  • Help with sound choice and midi creation
  • Ready to use
  • romotional Contacts
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  • Mixdown

  • $150
  • Stem Mixdown using your Wav
  • Pro Audio Engineer
  • Premium Quality
  • Mixed down at -6db
  • Original & radio mix master files
  • Free mixdown tips
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  • Melody / Midi

  • $50
  • Original melody
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Spinnin records style
  • MIDI of lead , bass , and drums !
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  • Promotion

  • 19| $38
  • Negotiations with labels, booking agents, promoters, publishing partners etc
  • Royalty collection and statements’ revisions
  • Boost followers on social media (Soundcloud , Youtube , Instagram etc..)
  • Vocal sample with your DJ name
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  • Templates

  • $29
  • Unique and original sound design
  • Ready for release on top EDM labels
  • Missing Vst Plugins included !
  • DAW of your choice !
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  • Copywriting

  • $29
  • BIOGRAPHY Creations
  • Top-notch labels A&R contacts
  • Vocalists, agents, media channels and more
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