Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions you can’t find the answer to on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • unfortunately We cannot guarantee that your track will get signed to a specific EDM label , however we help with release and After purchasing a track from us we will spend up to 1-2 weeks working on the production to make sure it is good enough for release. Our producers have connections with A&R managers from top EDM labels and After we finish with your track, we will send them the track demo via private soundcloud link (you will upload the track on your soundcloud profile) and give them your contact information.

  • Usually, producing a full EDM track takes us from 1 to 2 business weeks.
    Mixing and mastering, melody composing or creating a dj set intro production takes us 3 days.
    We use this time to make sure the track sounds perfect and sounds good enough for release.

  • Unfortunately, we don’t provide this service.
    We can only make instrumental track and you will have to take care about vocal.
    Once we finish with instrumental track arrangement you can start searching for vocalist .
    Send us tuned and time-stretched acapella which is ready for mixing

  • We work in absolutely any genre

  • Yes, we can. In order to use it we need to check if the quality is good enough for release..
    We really love collaborating with our clients!

  • Other ghostproducer companies often sell premade tracks, or tracks build entirely from construction kits ,and rarely help with releasing the track , Ghostlyedm guarantees to help our clients get their track released on top EDM labels. We deliver high quality original tracks that will sound exactly the way they sound on top EDM lables.

  • Yes, we do! You will receive the project file for no extra charge , including download links to all VST plugins used to create that track ! Our producers mostly work in Fl Studio 12 , but can work in any other requested DAW.

  • Yes, you will! The contract includes all necessary information about the project, privacy, timing, deadlines and payment details. Your contract will also include ‘Non-disclosure agreement’, the 'transfer of rights' and the 'declaration of exclusivity'. We also include a written statement saying that we guarantee a full refund if your track doesnt get signed to a label with 1-2 weeks after we finish.